Design The design stage includes the following activities: the preparation of the area for the assembly and installation of the furniture you selected. -          preliminary design and 2D visualization in order to take note of the exact location of faucets, power switches, discharge piping etc -          if necessary we prepare a separate electrical and plumbing plan -          after having taken all details we prepare for you a 3D visualization from which you can visualize the final result   -          if electric appliances are included in the scope of supply we will purchase, deliver and install them for you. Our many years experience with the suppliers will guarantee you the right choice as well as good price, peace of mind and a lot of saved time and efforts -          when we complete the preparation of the area we will measure by laser in order to finalize the sizes, corners etc   Services and prices The customers of Dialogue A receive free consultation regarding all the aspects of preparation of the area for furniture assembly, materials selection depending on their specific suitability for different application, which service is otherwise priced depending on the scope of supply and time allocated

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